Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Annual Physical Exam

Admit it: you’re tempted to just skip your annual physical exam every year when it rolls around. You like your doctor fine, but you just don’t want to show up.

This is one situation where you need to do what you know is right rather than what you feel like doing. Sure, it would feel great to take a nap on the couch instead of heading to the doctor’s office.

But that feel-good-in-the-moment decision could have serious consequences for your health. Plus, at Quality Primary Care, you’ll get much more than just a quick once-over. You’ll get skilled, compassionate care from some of the best providers in the business.

Here are a few reasons they believe you shouldn’t skip your annual physical exam.

Catch health issues early

One of the most important reasons for regular physical exams is to catch any health issues or diseases early before progressing to a more serious issue. Your doctor will do a thorough physical exam and bloodwork to check for potential issues.

 You may not notice symptoms of a progressive disease, such as cancer or heart disease, but if your doctor is seeing you every year, they have a chance to identify symptoms early. Treatment of diseases is always more effective (and less expensive) if it starts in earlier stages rather than later stages.

Monitor health trends

Annual exams are also important because they allow your doctor to get to know your health well. You can establish baseline measurements for your health and then check every year to identify health trends you may not even be aware of, both positive and negative. If you find a negative issue, you’ll be ready to turn it around and have a good starting point to improve your quality of life.

Update medications and immunizations

If you are on regular medications, your annual visit is a good time to evaluate if you still need those medications, if you need to change dosage or any other adjustments. You can also take the chance to get your annual flu shot or any other immunizations you need (such as before a trip abroad).

Peace of mind

You know how you experience a symptom and then start searching online for answers? Your annual exam can relieve that anxiety you’ll inevitably feel by giving your doctor a chance to give their trained diagnosis. Plus, as you build a relationship with your doctor, you’ll feel more comfortable discussing your health needs with them.

As you can see, it’s critical for your health to complete an annual physical exam. If you’re overdue for your exam, the team at Quality Primary Care is ready to come to your aid. Call 301-762-7723 to schedule an appointment, or use our online booking tool to choose your own time. We’ll see you soon!

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