Karen Orellana NP

Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner located in Rockville, MD

Karen Orellana NP

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner located in Rockville, MD

About Karen

Meet Karen Orellana, FNP-BC, an exceptional bilingual (Spanish) nurse practitioner devoted to providing compassionate care at Quality Primary Care. With a background in emergency medicine as both a nurse and medical scribe, Karen furthered her education, earning a Master’s degree from Walden University.

Beyond her clinical prowess, Karen is a dedicated humanitarian, actively involved in volunteer work. She has contributed her skills to medical clinics with RAM, provided support at medical tents for races, and embarked on a meaningful medical mission trip to rural Uganda, Africa. Witnessing the need for basic medical care in underserved communities, Karen is driven by a profound belief in the dignity of every individual and the importance of accessible healthcare.

In addition to her commitment to serving abroad, Karen is an active member of her local church community. Her faith plays a central role in her life, providing a source of strength and purpose. Regular church attendance is not just a routine for Karen; it is a spiritual connection that fuels her desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Whether she is engaged in international service or attending church, Karen’s dedication to helping those in need is evident in every facet of her life.