About Services

Dr. Malik, a board-certified physician, is committed to providing comprehensive primary care for individuals aged 18 and up, specializing in the diagnosis, management, and care of a diverse range of health conditions.

Our Services


We work closely with you to understand your health needs so they can develop an effective treatment plan to help you control your diabetes.

Weight Loss

We take an integrative approach to weight loss, tackling genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors that cause you to gain weight.

Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

We will provide personalized guidance in managing hypertension effectively.


We take an integrative approach to care and work closely with you to develop a plan that lowers your cholesterol and improves your overall health.


Wth the right support and management strategies, individuals with ADD/ADHD can lead fulfilling lives.


We develop personalized arthritis treatment plans to reduce joint pain, prevent permanent joint damage, and improve overall health.


There are many effective treatments that help control allergy symptoms. We specialize in the diagnosis and management of allergies.

Heart Disease

The team use the digital EKG technology to assess heart health and then immediately transmit the information to your cardiologist.


We are passionate about your health. The practice offers vaccinations to protect you from common contagious illnesses, including the flu.

Infectious disease

This comprehensive guide covers the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of strep throat, helping you understand when to seek medical care.