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Hypertension is defined as blood pressure above 140/80 in an individual. This is also known as the " Silent Killer" as you hardly notice any effects unless the blood pressure level is extremely high.

Q & A Hypertension

Hypertension is a silent killer , as you hardly notice anything even though its constantly hurting your arteries and organs . 

What can we do to control without medications?

1. Low salt diet : loose that shaker !
Reasearch have shown that decreasing salt intake below 2000mg/day leads to 4-6 mmHG pressure drop . If you take one TS and flatten the top is approximately the amount you should be taking in all diet you intake per day .

2. Exercise : 30-40 minutes per day high intensity exercise mixed with aerobics. The goal is to sweat and keep your heart rate above 140-160 range 

3.Loose weight : Any weight loss will have impact on your pressure . The benefit of weight loss are seperate and different than benefits from exercise so if done both leads to gretaer benefit .

4.Eat less Red meat and change diet to Dash Diet . Dash diet is simply put nuts once or twice weekly , choose whole grain foods and breads instead of whitet bread . Olive oil insetad of buttter and baked instead of friied food. More green in your diet and mixed with colorfull vegetables 

5. Meditation and yoga helps to bring down the anxiety and get your blood pressure under control.

How to take your Blood Pressure ?

Lie down for 5 minutes and then sit up, keeping the hand at level of your heart . Make sure you are not talking , eating or doing any other activity while taking your BP . Empty your bladder prior to taking BP helps as well in measuring the correct BP.

Call your physician at Quality Primary Care to discuss your options to treat your hypertension.