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Memory is integral part of our story as humans and our bond to our loved ones . Many psychological conditions, Medications, Deficiencies, Trauma or genetic predisposition to lead to early Memory Loss.

Q & A Memory Testing

Memory is crucial part of our story as humans and had played historically in our evolution and plays a very important role in our modern day existence . Historically memory and cognition has been interrelated while Cognition is a term referring to the mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension.

Cognition  is catogorised mainly in 5 subsets 

Perception, Attention, Reasoning , Attention , Memory , Coordination 



While Memory is multiple types espceially importnat are Short term memory , Working memory, Episodic memory and so on..

We test these by computer simultaed environmemt where each catogory is tested at Quality Primary Care .

Software uses the age and other variables to compare the scores based on previous responces and grades your memory in Good, Average and Poor based on the percentile your responces arre graded.

Early onset dementia can have psychological , social , health and financial implications . We can test for early signs and make a plan to address the underlying problem.